The Magic of Disorder and Correlations

Geneva, January 17-19, 2024

The Magic of Disorder and Correlations

Geneva, January 17-19, 2024


Disorder and correlations are fundamental in nanoscale physics, impacting quantum effects, confinement, energy landscapes, transport behaviors, emergent properties, and device variability. Understanding and manipulating them is crucial for advancing nanoscale systems and their applications. To address these challenges, the conference The Magic of Disorder and Correlations aims to facilitate collaborations and discussions among experts from various fields, fostering cross-disciplinary developments and unveiling the nature of these phenomena in complex systems.

Invited speakers

Alain Aspect (Université Paris-Saclay)
Immanuel Bloch (Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics; Ludwing-Maximilians University)
Miguel Cazalilla (Donostia International Physics Center)
Roberta Citro (University of Salerno)
Tilman Esslinger (ETH Zürich)
Michele Filippone (CEA, Grenoble)
Thierry Klein (Université Grenoble-Alpes)
Corinna Kollath (University of Bonn)
Vivien Lecomte (Université Grenoble-Alpes)
Pierre Le Doussal (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris)
Edmond Orignac (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Lyon)
Patrycja Paruch (University of Geneva)
Alberto Rosso (Université Paris-Saclay)
Christian Ruegg (EPFL; ETHZ; PSI; UNIGE)
Sriram Shastry (University of California Santa Cruz)
Joerg Schmidmayer (Vienna University of Technology)
Alexei Tsvelik (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
Chandra Varma (University of California)

General information

The conference will be hosted at University of Geneva from 17th to 19th January 2024, offering a program that encompasses invited talks and contributed posters.

Scientific committee

Nirvana Caballero (UNIGE) Chair
Dmitry Abanin (Google Research; Princeton University; UNIGE)
Eugene Demler (ETHZ)
Antoine Georges (Collège de France; Ecole Polytechnique; Flatiron Institute; UNIGE)

Local organizing committee

Christophe Berthod
Adriana Bonito Aleman
Pierre Bouillot
Fabienne Hartmeier
Gregory Manfrini
Jean-Claude Schnuriger
Natacha Triscone



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Ana AkrapContrary to popular belief, EuCd2As2 is a magnetic semiconductor 1
Gianmichele BlasiExact finite-time correlation functions for multi-terminal setups: Connecting theoretical frameworks for quantum transport and thermodynamics 2
Emanuele Dalla TorreDissipative mean-field theory of IBM utility experiment 3
João Ferreira|Hop> the quantum game 4
Géraldine HaackThermoelectric properties of an Aharonov-Bohm ring in presence of dephasing 5
Catalin-Mihai HalatiBose-Hubbard triangular ladder in an artificial gauge field 6
Adrian KantianSolving models of high-Tc and dynamically induced superconductivity from the microscopic models 7
Alejandro KoltonDepinning free of the elastic approximation 9
Huanlong LiuSignatures of a charge-density wave quantum-critical point in superconducting 2H-TaS2-x induced by disorder 10
Giacomo MorpurgoEffects of (non)-magnetic disorder in quasi-1D singlet superconductors 11
Yurii PashkevichHidden orbital order in copper monolayer at a cuprate/manganite interface uncovered by RIXS studies 12
Lorenzo PizzinoDimensional crossover in strongly-interacting weakly-coupled chains 13
Subhrangsu SarkarEffect of A-site substitution on the magnetic properties of a high entropy oxide 14
Aman SharmaQuantum spin liquid in a member of langbeinite family K2Ni2(SO4)3 15
Yona SohFlat bands in a kagome ferromagnet 16
Shintaro TakayoshiDynamical conductivity in disordered quantum chains 18
Davide ValentinisFermi-liquid to non-Fermi liquid crossovers in the superconducting Yukawa-SYK model on a lattice 19
Giulia VendittiPhenomenological XXZ model of the competition between superconductivity and charge order 20
Chennan WangSuperconductivity of high-entropy-alloy-type compounds 22
Hepeng YaoStrongly-interacting ultracold bosons at dimensional crossover: single-particle correlation and anomalous cooling 23
Foini LauraBath induced localisation in interacting one dimensional systems 24
Iucci AnibalSubgap states and quantum phase transitions in one-dimensional superconductor–ferromagnetic insulator heterostructures25


The Magic of Disorder and Correlations conference will take place in the Auditorium P. F. Tingry A150 located in the ground floor of the Sciences III building of the University of Geneva (Bd d'Yvoy 4, 1205 Genève).


From Geneva airport

The airport is less than 4 km away from Geneva center.

  • From Geneva airport to Geneva train station by train (7 minutes). There are regular trains from the airport to the main Geneva train station (Cornavin). All the trains stop at Geneva Cornavin station. See train timetable.

  • From Geneva airport to the Sciences III building by bus. The bus station is outside of the check-in desks. Take the bus 5 or 10 and change at Bel-Air. From Bel-Air, take the bus 19 or 2 (to Onex-Cité) and exit at Sainte-Clotilde. Walk south a few minutes to the Sciences III building.

From Geneva train station

From Geneva train station (Cornavin) to the Sciences III building by bus/tram, there are several options:

  • Take the bus 1 (to Hôpital Trois-Chênes) in front of the station, direction to the right, exit at Ecole de Médecine, and walk west a few minutes to the Sciences III building.

  • Walk 5 minutes to bus stop Coutance (2nd rightmost street from station exit). Take the bus 19 (to Onex-Cité) and exit at  Sainte-Clotilde. Walk south a few minutes to the Sciences III building.

  • Take the tramway 14 (to Bernex Vailly), exit at Jonction and walk south-east a few minutes to the Sciences III building.
See bus timetable.


Participants need to arrange their own accommodation in Geneva. We pre-booked a block of 10 rooms from January 16 to 19 at the Home Swiss Hotel****, a 10 minutes walk from the conference venue. For three nights, a special rate of CHF 190 per night for a single room and CHF 220 for a double room, breakfast included, is offered to the conference participants and accompanying persons. To take advantage of this option, you have to contact the hotel directly by email: only, before December 4, and mention the reference code MAGICDQMP. After this date the hotel will release unreserved rooms.

Conference Dinner

The conference dinner will be held on January 18, 2024 at 7pm, at the restaurant Da Matteo, a 15 minutes walk from the conference building (see route).

The registration to the conference dinner is closed.


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